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Newborn Hand Editing

Watch as I edit this image by hand in Photoshop. Also includes the skin smoothing shortcut I'll give you as well. Tu...

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Edit a Wedding by Hand in THREE hours (or LESS)

$39.00 USD

Once you get the hang of lightroom batch editing, wedding edits will be a breeze! I'll take you through my entire pr...

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Classic and Clean Editing Video Tutorial

$29.00 USD

In this excerpt from the full Classic and Creative Editing course, I'll show you FOUR images all hand-edited with my ...

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Outdoor Sunset - Natural Skies

In this video I'll show you how to work with natural skies photographed in camera, right at sunset, along with sharin...

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Outdoor Magic - Pretty Princess

Learn how to use creative dodging and burning to elevate your images into fine art. I will edit this image from start...

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Indoor Portrait - Studio Seriousness

In this detailed video I'll explain to you how I photograph my indoor studio images, and how I edit them. I'll also b...

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Classic and Creative Editing Training - E-Book Version

This is the e-book version of the free training video - if you'd like to read it rather than watch it, this is how! ...

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Stunning Skies - Engagement Edit

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever! I love when my brides decide to dress formal for the engagement ...

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Portrait Edit - Pretty Greens

In this detailed video you'll watch as I edit this image artistically. This can help you achieve the fine art look th...

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EASY Welcome Guide Magazine Template

I've created this simple magazine that will WOW your clients. This is all ready to go, all you need to do is enter yo...

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