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About Me

Welcome! I'm Camille, and I run Uprooted Life.

Uprooted Life started in 2017 as a place for photographers to learn how to truly create a high-end experience for their clients, and get a high-end salary in return

I love helping beginners and experienced photographers alike learn how to change their lives, to live the life they dream of. 

There's such a false stigma in the photography world right now, that it's a low paying job for stay at home mothers to do on the side. In fact, PPA states that the average income of a photographer in the USA is $34,000 a year. That's crazy low!!!

But I don't want you to to believe that. Those AREN'T good numbers. That might be the average (because there are hundreds of thousands of photographers making less than $5000 a year) but it doesn't need to be YOUR average. 

Follow me, and together we can raise the perception of photography, and get YOU paid what you're worth. If you can dream it, I can help you earn it.

6 figure incomes aren't just for doctors, lawyers, and those few "famous" photographers.

You CAN earn a 6 figure income as a photographer. Let me show you how.

See these 3 adorable little girls?

These kiddos are why I do what I do. Why I transformed our lives - allowing us to have the income to do whatever we want!

Did you come to this page for a few random facts about me? If so... I'll oblige!

  • I read like crazy. Like, I literally devour novels. (and now business books too, who knew?)  
  • Idaho is home, but I've lived in Texas, South Carolina, and Arizona since being a mom.
  • I love doughnuts. Any kind.
  • I have crazy curly hair. I used to straighten it all the time. Now I never do.
  • Traveling is my favorite thing to do. I've hit every continent now except Australia and Antarctica.
  • I'm passionate about giving back- about serving those less fortunate than us.

LASTLY... Did you know that for every single course I sell - I donate FOUR school uniforms to a school in Ghana? They're not allowed to attend school without one. So by registering for one of the full courses, you not only change your life, but you change FOUR other lives as well. 


How To Average $3000+ For Portrait Sessions Without Spending More Hours - But LESS.

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