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Engagement Session - Speed Edit


Have you ever wondered how to get an incredibly vibrant sky in your images? Without a flash?

I'll show you how to drop in a sky overlay onto an image with a blown out sky, you can see the speed edit up above! If you want to purchase the full tutorial, you can do that HERE!

A few tips for dealing with a "fake" sky...

  • Unless the sky is totally gray, try to use the same sky as there was when you took the image. 
  • Don't overdo it... you don't want it to look fake... you just want it to look good!
  • You can purchase skies online from many different photographers... but I don't recommend it. You'll get the very best results using images you've taken the same evening as your session.
  • Not every image needs a sky overlay... blown out skies can look good too! :-) 

In this training video, I take you from THIS...

To THIS...

So you can create gorgeous skies all on your own! 

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How to use Photoshop Templates - making it your own.


Hey guys! One of the biggest worries for new photographers when purchasing a template online is that they won't know how to use it for their own business. 

In this video, I show you exactly how I do it, using my Welcome Magazine Template that you can purchase.

A few things to keep in mind...

  • Be unique, be you. I talk in the video about not using "my" slogan. And that's not because I'm selfish or picky - it's because IT FITS MY BRAND. Not yours, not anyone else's, but MY brand. You won't be a cohesive brand if you use other photographer's stuff, and you won't succeed.
  • Giving your clients a physical magazine at their consultation is a big expense, especially if they don't book. But if you're priced profitably, it's not going to be a problem, and it instantly elevates you as a professional. Even if they don't book, they might show that magazine to someone who will!
  • This "should" work with other template you can buy online, but I cannot guarantee it - since I only use my...
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