The BEST Business Books For Photographers

READING is the number one key to being a successful business owner.


Okay... make that a successful PERSON! There really isn't anything you can't discover through reading.


These books were the FIRST step toward me aligning my business as high end. They all have had different functions in changing my mindset, and I'll give a little blurb about why I personally enjoyed each one. 


Most of these are NOT specific to photography... they are business books or creative books. You are now a BUSINESS OWNER - not simply a photographer. You need to learn to think like one if you want to be profitable!


A great resource if you want to buy these books is - I've picked up most of these for $4 each.


*Also, these are in no particular order! They're ALL great!


1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - By Stephen Covey


This book is helpful for everyone - I really think it should be required reading in high school!...

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85% Of You Will Fail...

Most people go into photography because they love the art of it.

And it's true, photography is a GREAT form of art.


According to Dane Sanders in his book Fast Track Photographer: In the 1st year, 60% of photographers give up their business. Of that remaining 40%, another 25% will fail within the 2nd year. The ones that make it are the remaining 15% who endure through the 3rd year.

That means 85% of photographers will fail at their photography business. 

MY goal is make sure YOU aren't part of that 85%...

But instead part of the 15% who are thriving.

I know it's even hard to book clients at $100, or $300, or even $900... so you don't see how raising your prices could make it easier.

And yes, you'll STILL have to market (in ways other than facebook guys, sorry - that ship has sailed!)

If you're stuck at the point where you don't know how to go up, tired of raising your prices slowly and incrementally every year to find you have LESS clients and LESS...

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Think you're too new for premium prices?

Are you just starting out with photography?

Afraid your work isn't good enough to charge premium prices?

Or do you think that you haven't "put in your time" at the bottom?

These are common reasons why photographers wait to raise their prices, or they raise their prices very slowly... and the unfortunate thing is that if you go along with those fears, you'll lose thousands of dollars. PER CLIENT.

It's a mentality that is doing a HUGE disservice to the entire industry.

There is no rule that photographers need to start out charging a minimal fee. You deserve to be paid for your work from the start. 

When my students are just starting out - even those with zero experience, they typically make about $500 for a model session. (I've even had my models spend $5000+ in the end because of this method) 

Yep - I know that sounds like a great regular price session to many of you. It's a tiny sale for me and my students with a little more experience, but I know that to many of...

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5 Things Others Say I Need To Be High-End - But Don't


I want to tell you a little secret...


Most other photographers who make high sales have got it all wrong... they say that you need to have certain things in place in order to make those high sales.


But you don't.


#1 - A Studio.  


I don't have a studio. I work out of my dining room right now, in my rental house. I know other photographers who make 6 figures and their client never comes to their home, they run all their meetings in coffee shops or in the client's home. You can make it work no matter your situation!


#2 - A Huge Wealthy Population Nearby.


This is also not true. While some aspects are different about marketing in a big city vs. a small town, you can make the same money (and with a better cost of living!) in a small town. 


You don't need 1 million wealthy people. You just need about 40 clients a year to make an incredible income, and pretty much everyone can find 100 clients who value your work and...

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The #1 Reason You Think You'll Fail

We all know that running your own business takes a certain amount of work, dedication, and passion.

But what we don't talk about enough, is that it takes a certain level of confidence. 

Lack of belief in your own ability is the #1 reason why most people will fail to run a $3000+ photography business.

Here's a secret. 

I didn't have that confidence either. Many days I still don't. 

It took me forever to make the switch because I couldn't actually believe anyone would spend more on their family photos than I did on our second hand car.

In order to push myself, I had to practice the saying... fake it 'til you make it.

I hesitate to use the word "fake" because it can have a negative impact. But honestly, many times I would feel like I was "faking" my way through my business.

I didn't usually feel good enough, extroverted enough, pretty enough, educated enough... all these FEELINGS got in my way.

And then the sales and clients started rolling in, all...

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"Start the way you mean to finish."

"Start the way you mean to finish."

My thought for you guys this morning is really important. So I hope you take a second to read this (and I hope these tips are helping you all!)

If you intend to run a high-end studio - which most of you have said that you do - you need to keep your end goal in mind.

I don't know who came up with the idea that photographers need to start out charging $100 or working for free. That's not a common practice in most other careers. So why do we do it?

Usually it's because that's what you see others doing, or it's lack of confidence in your images.

But here's what I want you to learn today. If you start your business out (or switch asap) as high-end, you'll have a few extra HUGE benefits...

  • Bigger sales right off the bat
  • Ideal clients in your system, instead of deal seekers
  • Better portfolio / better dressed clients
  • More TIME to test as you grow
  • Solidified brand from start to finish

Most luxury businesses don't open up as low-end. Think of a brand...

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4 Amazing Things That Happen When You Purchase One Of Our Courses

If you've had a chance to watch our training videos to the end you'll know that something really awesome also happens when you sign up.

With each and every full course sold... we donate school uniforms to a small school in Ghana.

In Ghana, children are required to wear a school uniform to attend school - because of this, many cannot - they can't afford the tiny cost.

I visited Ghana last year and was blown away by the number of children living in the little villages who had nothing to do during the day, they couldn't read and they would never progress and improve their lives without education.

So I decided that this would be the way I would give back - I'm passionate about using our resources to serve others. All of us the USA and most other countries are SO blessed, and we have no idea how the truly needy in the world live. 

Additionally, if you use the courses to truly build your own massively profitable photography business, YOU will have the opportunity to give...

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You Can't Run a High-End Business The Same Way As a $100 Business

If you've been following along, I think you can see that I really KNOW you can change your life.  I went from struggling to raise our family on my husband’s income to having him quit his job as a teacher this year.

I make more with nearly every client than he makes as a teacher in a whole month.

If you’ve taken time to watch the videos, you’ll know that I teach two courses for photographers. The first is Classic and Creative Editing, and the second is Upscale Photographer.

What I want to teach you today is this…

You can’t run a high-end business if you’re running it like a $100 business.

Think about a high end business you are familiar with. My first thought is always Tiffany’s.

What words come to mind? 

For me, I think –Tiffany blue, minimal, expensive, quality, service, branding, elite, status…

These are all words I associate with my business as well.

(even the blue – it’s part of my brand, but...

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Speed Edit - Pretty Greens


Have you ever wondered how to get beautiful colors in the background without affecting your subject in a negative way?

In my training video for Pretty Greens, I'll show you how to edit this adorable image from start to finish. 

A few tips...

  • The smooth background is NOT achieved by editing, but is a combination of a low f-stop, and proper placement of the subject, photographer, and background.
  • However... the smooth background and soft light are carefully ENHANCED in the tutorial, allowing the cute subject to really separate from the background.
  • This is a simple edit that ANYONE can do... I show exactly how (you even get the extra light I add along with a skin smoothing action to help speed up your process!)

See how I turn THIS...

Into THIS...

You'll be able to create gorgeous, light-filled images all on your own!

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Engagement Session - Speed Edit


Have you ever wondered how to get an incredibly vibrant sky in your images? Without a flash?

I'll show you how to drop in a sky overlay onto an image with a blown out sky, you can see the speed edit up above! 

A few tips for dealing with a "fake" sky...

  • Unless the sky is totally gray, try to use the same sky as there was when you took the image. 
  • Don't overdo it... you don't want it to look fake... you just want it to look good!
  • You can purchase skies online from many different photographers... but I don't recommend it. You'll get the very best results using images you've taken the same evening as your session.
  • Not every image needs a sky overlay... blown out skies can look good too! :-) 

In this training video, I take you from THIS...

To THIS...

So you can create gorgeous skies all on your own! 

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