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You Can't Run a High-End Business The Same Way As a $100 Business

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2018

If you've been following along, I think you can see that I really KNOW you can change your life.  I went from struggling to raise our family on my husband’s income to having him quit his job as a teacher this year.

I make more with nearly every client than he makes as a teacher in a whole month.

If you’ve taken time to watch the videos, you’ll know that I teach two courses for photographers. The first is Classic and Creative Editing, and the second is Upscale Photographer.

What I want to teach you today is this…

You can’t run a high-end business if you’re running it like a $100 business.

Think about a high end business you are familiar with. My first thought is always Tiffany’s.

What words come to mind? 

For me, I think –Tiffany blue, minimal, expensive, quality, service, branding, elite, status…

These are all words I associate with my business as well.

(even the blue – it’s part of my brand, but it’s more of a robin’s egg shade!)

And how many people walk into Tiffany’s just for the EXPERIENCE of being in Tiffany’s? Probably over 90% of the people who walk in those doors will never buy a thing.

But they went in.

Because it’s Tiffany’s.

The people who will spend thousands of dollars in your business aren’t going to buy 500 5x7’s priced at $5 each to get you the profit you want.

They don’t want that. They don’t NEED that.

I don’t offer loose prints to my clients. High-end clients want high quality, simple products. Everything leaves my studio ready to display, and is heirloom quality that will last for generations.

And it’s not just about the products. Like with Tiffany’s, it’s about the experience you give them, throughout their experience with you.

Elevate that experience, and they will pay whatever you ask.

You’re probably worried that offering an experience like this will take up too much time.

But really, it takes far less time than photographing $100 clients every single day. My six figure income is based on me working 5-10 hours a week. I could do more if I wanted, but I love the freedom it gives me, the time with my young children I now have.

You also might be worried that you don’t have the skills to produce images that people will pay for, or the experience.

But taking a classic image is truly simple. I show you how in my course from beginning to end, and I showed you how to edit an image quickly in the free training video. My 10 year old daughter has nearly mastered these skill in less time than the course. You can do it too!

My clients move through my system from inquiry to product delivery in about 5 hours. Per client. Easy!

And I want you to know that anyone can do this. It’s not hard. None of it is really hard. It just takes dedication and focus. And I’m here to help you, I love helping others transform their lives like I did.

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