fear keeps you from success...

I'm going to give you some hard truths today...

FEAR is most likely the thing that is keeping you from being profitable.

FEAR of an empty calendar with no clients...
FEAR of an empty bank account...
FEAR that you're not qualified enough...
FEAR that you're not smart enough...
FEAR that it won't work where you live...

FEAR of failure.

J.K. Rowling (in the character of Ginny Weasly) said... "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."

I truly truly believe this. It takes nerve to overcome all our fears and do things we've never done! If you've watched my free training video, you know what I'm talking about!

Running your own business takes a certain amount of work, dedication, and passion.

But what we don't talk about enough, is that it takes a certain level of confidence. 

Lack of belief in your own ability is the #1 reason why most people will fail to run a $3000+ photography business.

But here's a secret. 

I didn't have that confidence either. Many days I still don't. 

It took me forever to make the switch because I couldn't actually believe anyone would spend more on their family photos than I did on our second hand car.

In order to push myself, I had to practice the saying... fake it 'til you make it.

I hesitate to use the word "fake" because it can have a negative impact. But honestly, many times I would feel like I was "faking" my way through my business.

And then the sales and clients started rolling in, all spending those $3000+ on my images for my experience - and I realized... oh! Maybe I don't have to fake it! 

I am a REAL business owner.

My skills are enough.

My custom art enriches others lives because they LOVE what I create.

I deserve to make an incredible income with that art.

It didn't happen overnight, and I can say the very biggest thing that made it happen was seeing those sales go through. It took quite a few before I was even a believer. 

So keep in mind that you have the chance to make this change in your own business - but it might be uncomfortable. You might need to fake it for a while.

Sometimes - you just need to throw yourself into the hard things. And they soon turn out to not be so hard.

In fact, they might end up being what you excel at. 

Last week Malia J. from Nebraska sent me this message...

"I was on your email list and in the free facebook group for 5 months. Every time I saw something from you I wanted to purchase but I was so scared. I didn't really believe those 3k sales were possible. But I finally took a leap of faith in you and in myself and I am SO glad I did. I'm only halfway through and have had consistent model sales of $500 and just had my first regular client who invested just over 4.2k. This system is so incredible, and the support you give in the member group has the value of what I would expect to pay thousands for. Thank you for creating this course for us and for your committal to your students success."

What are you afraid of? Feel free to email me at [email protected] with your fears, your stumbling blocks, or any other questions you might have for me!

Uproot YOUR Life.


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