Think you're too new for premium prices?

Are you just starting out with photography?

Afraid your work isn't good enough to charge premium prices?

Or do you think that you haven't "put in your time" at the bottom?

These are common reasons why photographers wait to raise their prices, or they raise their prices very slowly... and the unfortunate thing is that if you go along with those fears, you'll lose thousands of dollars. PER CLIENT.

It's a mentality that is doing a HUGE disservice to the entire industry.

There is no rule that photographers need to start out charging a minimal fee. You deserve to be paid for your work from the start. 

When my students are just starting out - even those with zero experience, they typically make about $500 for a model session. (I've even had my models spend $5000+ in the end because of this method) 

Yep - I know that sounds like a great regular price session to many of you. It's a tiny sale for me and my students with a little more experience, but I know that to many of you $500 seems like a great income per client!

And I teach you this method during month one of my course - you'll be able to run successful model calls with this method right off the bat, while getting the rest of your business in line as high end. 

And if you're still thinking that $500 sounds awesome for a regular priced session - here's a little math for you...

Say you want to make $100,000 a year.

To make that amount - you'd need to photograph 200 clients who pay you $500. 

Oh, but then you have to pay taxes and business expenses. So you'll actually need over 300 clients to make $100,000 take home.

Do you want to photograph 300 clients a year?

I don't. 

Learn how to charge premium prices (anyone can do this anywhere), and you can photograph 30-45 clients per year and make the same $100,000.

It's up to you. 





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