"Start the way you mean to finish."

"Start the way you mean to finish."

My thought for you guys this morning is really important. So I hope you take a second to read this (and I hope these tips are helping you all!)

If you intend to run a high-end studio - which most of you have said that you do - you need to keep your end goal in mind.

I don't know who came up with the idea that photographers need to start out charging $100 or working for free. That's not a common practice in most other careers. So why do we do it?

Usually it's because that's what you see others doing, or it's lack of confidence in your images.

But here's what I want you to learn today. If you start your business out (or switch asap) as high-end, you'll have a few extra HUGE benefits...

  • Bigger sales right off the bat
  • Ideal clients in your system, instead of deal seekers
  • Better portfolio / better dressed clients
  • More TIME to test as you grow
  • Solidified brand from start to finish

Most luxury businesses don't open up as low-end. Think of a brand new spa in town. Do they give everyone a free facial and massage before opening? Sometimes they give a coupon - but not the high-end ones. They just open. And they market properly, and people come.

You can totally do the same thing if you align and market your business properly today. I actually include a model call method in the main course that will average you a $500+ sale while you build your business and portfolio that can help with this. Students like to use this while in the course and pay off their investment super fast!

You might be thinking that it's impossible for someone to want to spend that large of a percentage of their yearly income on photos when you're in a small town.

But here's why it doesn't matter. 

My last town's median income was $28,000 a year - and I still had these sales!

#1 - You're not going to be marketing to those who make the median, but those who make up the top.

#2 - You don't need everyone to be your client. I photographed a little more than 40 sessions last year. I could have done more but that was all I needed. Pretty much everyone lives within 2 hours of 40 people who have the $ to spend (most of my clients are middle income, not crazy wealthy, those are just the few and far between!) - and who value your work.

If you haven't begun to make the switch to a high-end business... tell me what's stopping you? Fear? Lack of knowledge? Confidence? Not believing it's possible? Lack of training?





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