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Speed Edit - Pretty Greens

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to get beautiful colors in the background without affecting your subject in a negative way?

In my training video for Pretty Greens, I'll show you how to edit this adorable image from start to finish. You can buy it HERE!

A few tips...

  • The smooth background is NOT achieved by editing, but is a combination of a low f-stop, and proper placement of the subject, photographer, and background.
  • However... the smooth background and soft light are carefully ENHANCED in the tutorial, allowing the cute subject to really separate from the background.
  • This is a simple edit that ANYONE can do... I show exactly how (you even get the extra light I add along with a skin smoothing action to help speed up your process!)

See how I turn THIS...

Into THIS...

You'll be able to create gorgeous, light-filled images all on your own!

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