85% Of You Will Fail...

Most people go into photography because they love the art of it.

And it's true, photography is a GREAT form of art.


According to Dane Sanders in his book Fast Track Photographer: In the 1st year, 60% of photographers give up their business. Of that remaining 40%, another 25% will fail within the 2nd year. The ones that make it are the remaining 15% who endure through the 3rd year.

That means 85% of photographers will fail at their photography business. 

MY goal is make sure YOU aren't part of that 85%...

But instead part of the 15% who are thriving.

I know it's even hard to book clients at $100, or $300, or even $900... so you don't see how raising your prices could make it easier.

And yes, you'll STILL have to market (in ways other than facebook guys, sorry - that ship has sailed!)

If you're stuck at the point where you don't know how to go up, tired of raising your prices slowly and incrementally every year to find you have LESS clients and LESS money than before...

If you want to make this more than just a side business...

If you want clients who will LOVE your art...

And if you want to be in the 15% success rate of the statistics...

Then I am here to help you. I've done it the hard way. If I'd had someone offer me the ability to invest this money and get a complete training course that will take me straight to making $3000+ per portrait client - I would have been so excited.

No one has offered this before. Not only do you get to learn how to build a high-end studio from the ground up - but you also get to see exactly how I create the images that my clients love so much.

All-inclusive you guys. That's what this is.

Questions? Please email me... I am so happy to answer any questions. It's not hard to reach me, all you have to do is reply to this email.

In order to be successful at this... you really need to run your business like a BUSINESS. Not a hobby, not just art. You need to be able to do more than just take pictures. If you can't do that, you will struggle. 

So don't wait long - every day you wait to sign up is a day that you are NOT booking $3000+ clients.

I'm on your team, cheering you all the way to those high-ticket sales!





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