5 Things Others Say I Need To Be High-End - But Don't


I want to tell you a little secret...


Most other photographers who make high sales have got it all wrong... they say that you need to have certain things in place in order to make those high sales.


But you don't.


#1 - A Studio.  


I don't have a studio. I work out of my dining room right now, in my rental house. I know other photographers who make 6 figures and their client never comes to their home, they run all their meetings in coffee shops or in the client's home. You can make it work no matter your situation!


#2 - A Huge Wealthy Population Nearby.


This is also not true. While some aspects are different about marketing in a big city vs. a small town, you can make the same money (and with a better cost of living!) in a small town. 


You don't need 1 million wealthy people. You just need about 40 clients a year to make an incredible income, and pretty much everyone can find 100 clients who value your work and your heirloom services within 2 hours.


#3 - $20,000+ Worth of Gear.


This is also a myth! You can make a great income with less than $1000 in gear if you want. Personally, I use about $6000-$8000 in gear. I don't need more than that, so there's no reason to spend that money. I use 1 camera (6D) 2 lenses (24-70 and 135 2L) and 1 light (AB400). 


That's it.


Don't let the lack of "pro" equipment stop you from having a professional studio.

#4 - A Car Salesman Personality


I hate selling, you guys. I hate it. I get sick inside, and feel yucky. But when you're photographing and "selling" to your clients the way I teach you, it doesn't feel like selling, to them OR you.


My ordering sessions are fun, relaxed and easy. I don't pressure my clients into spending more, because my pricing is set up so I'm good with whatever they choose.


#5 - A College Degree In Photography or Fine Art


It's a fact that most successful photographers nowadays are self taught, or learned through online courses like the one I offer. I know a few photographers with a degree in photography and they regret it SO much. It doesn't help them achieve their dreams, and they know very little about running a high end business once it's over. Many of them have gone on to take my course and say they learned FAR more than in college!


Don't let the other photographers get you down, don't let them tell you that you are doing great if you're booking $500 sessions. You can do so much more, you deserve so much more, and you can make it happen!






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