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4 Amazing Things That Happen When You Purchase One Of Our Courses

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2018

If you've had a chance to watch our training videos to the end (You Can Sign Up For The Free Training Here - It's FREE!) you'll know that something really awesome also happens when you sign up.

With each and every full course sold... we donate FOUR school uniforms to a small school in Ghana.

In Ghana, children are required to wear a school uniform to attend school - because of this, many cannot - they can't afford the tiny cost.

I visited Ghana last year and was blown away by the number of children living in the little villages who had nothing to do during the day, they couldn't read and they would never progress and improve their lives without education.

So I decided that this would be the way I would give back - I'm passionate about using our resources to serve others. All of us the USA and most other countries are SO blessed, and we have no idea how the truly needy in the world live. 

Additionally, if you use the courses to truly build your own massively profitable photography business, YOU will have the opportunity to give back. 

I truly believe that you can't be an influence for change without a certain amount of wealth, it takes money to influence that change. 

In reality, if you purchase the Classic and Creative Editing + Upscale Photographer course - you'll change 5 lives... 4 in Ghana along with your own.

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