Episode 11: Passive vs. Active Marketing



In this week's episode that I released early to my free Facebook group for photographers, I'm going to talk about passive marketing vs. active marketing.

This is SO important if you're ever going to learn how to actually market as a photographer.

Read the transcript here.

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Episode 10: Offline Marketing - Better Than Facebook Ads



Today, I’m going to talk to you guys this week about something controversial.

Like… really controversial.

I teach all my students, photography business or not… to take their marketing offline.

I’m not saying an online presence is bad. Truly. Although I still know thriving businesses who avoid online stuff, it’s just such a great FREE way to get your name around.

For uprooted life, I reach a global audience… so it’s 100% run online. I work on my website constantly, and email automation and evergreen funnels are a huge part of what I do every day now. It’s awesome, and I’m going to touch on the logistics during a future podcast - because implementing some of this can be really beneficial to almost any business.

But for brick and mortar, home-based and service-based businesses… there’s a huge benefit to taking the majority of your marketing offline.

For high-end photography… it’s 100% the best...

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Episode 9: Excuses Part II - How To Stop Making Excuses

When we were living on my husband’s teacher paycheck we had constant roadblocks in front of us regarding finances. (with 8 years of experience he’s now making $3k a month. A few years ago though, it was barely above $2k). -

Before I started up my photography business… it was easy for me to make excuses. We couldn’t have a new car… new clothes… go out to eat… all these things. It was easy to bemoan life and just be like… well, life is against me.

But we got REALLY good at spider braining around our problems.

Did we want to go out to eat?

Cool. I’d take on another piano or voice student so we could have an eating out fund.

Needed a new car?

Wait until tax return time… and buy a used car with cash.

Need clothes for my 3 little girls?

Garage sale time!

I want to walk you through some steps you can take to learn to ignore excuses and just get your butt to work!
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Happy Spider Brain Episode 8: Excuses Will Ruin Your Life



Excuses Will Ruin Your Life

What are your big dreams?

If you had a photography business that brought in 6 figures a year, what would you do?

It’s usually pretty easy to come up with the “dream life”

But getting there…. Not so easy.

The #1 thing that stops every single person in the world from getting out there and LIVING their dream life?


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Happy Spider Brain Episode 7: Worst Case Scenario


Embracing the worst case scenario can improve your performance AND your emotional well being.

By asking a series of "what if" questions, we usually find that the worst-case scenario feels in our thoughts much more catastrophic than it would be if it actually came true.

Exploring what it would be like to be in the worst-case scenario and survive it, we're learning to interact with our fear, and learning the things we fear aren't as major as we imagine them to be.

Read the transcript here.

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Happy Spider Brain Episode 6: Confidence vs. Fear


Motivational speaker David Schwartz once wrote:

“All confidence is acquired, developed. No one is born with confidence. Those people you know who radiate confidence, who have conquered worry, have acquired their confidence, every bit of it.”

Isn’t that crazy to think about? 

Take a second and picture the most confident or successful person you know. The key here is to know that they weren’t born with all that confidence!

Yes, some people are naturally more outgoing than others.

And that comes across as more confident, than say, someone who is shy.

But people who are successful still needed to ACTIVATE that confidence.

Here is how you can activate some of that extreme self-confidence and trade in your fears at the same time.

Read the transcript here.

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Happy Spider Brain Episode 5: Charging Premium Prices


Charge premium prices.

Whatever premium means in your industry, you need to just do it. 

Be the most expensive.

Offer the best experience.

Don’t do anything halfway.

This mindset is especially relevant to people who run a one-on-one service-based business, where you are selling services with or without products to your customers.

But it can also be relevant to those who sell just products in a store or shop. 

For both of these types of businesses, being the most expensive is awesome.

I can’t think of a SINGLE small business that wouldn’t benefit from upgrading their biz to one focused on a luxury experience.

Not one!

Do you have a hard time believing me?

If you don't believe it, take a few minutes and listen to this podcast episode!

Read the transcript here.

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Happy Spider Brain Episode 4: Why It's Ok To Change Your Logo


Have you thought about updating your logo or business name?

Successful branding is about telling a story that will influence customers’ emotions. While it’s true that logo design is only a part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built.

In this episode, I'll discuss the reasons why you may decide to rebrand and get a new logo, and I'll also touch on what your brand should really mean.

You can read the transcript here.

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Happy Spider Brain Episode 3: Business or Hobby


Are you running a business? Or a hobby?

In this episode, I'll teach you why it's so important to decide. I'll also cover the benefits that you'll see in your life, mindset, and your business when you decide to finally wear the business owner hat for your small business.

This episode is particularly helpful to those who are creatives at heart, who got started with their business as a creative hobby that had the potential to make money. I focus on my experience as a photography studio owner.

Read the transcript here.

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Happy Spider Brain Episode 2: What The Heck Is Happy Spider Brain?


Do you want to learn how to generate limitless ideas for your life and for your business?

Introducing the podcast Happy Spider Brain, the power of limitless ideas. In this episode, I will teach you the basic model for the method I like to call spider-braining.

You can learn how to open up your life to infinite possibilities by utilizing this simple technique, a technique that anyone can learn and expand on.  

Download the free printable for this episode here.

Read the transcript here.

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