Happy Spider Brain Episode 11: 

I'm Camille Lindquist, and this is Happy Spider Bridge, the podcast for business owners who are serious about working less and becoming insanely profitable through the power of unlimited thinking. All right, guys, today I want to do to hop on really quick and talk to you guys a little bit about marketing. I had a few questions about this in my email box today and also in this group. So I wanted to sit down and let you guys know what I mean by active marketing and passive marketing. So, um, the first thing you need to know is that passive marketing is super common for photographers. That's why you have a hard time finding clients. That's why you don't get clients who are willing to spend money on your service is okay, So you need to know that active marketing is so much better and I'll explain to you the difference here real quick. So passive Marketing is also known as hope and pray marketing. So you're doing stuff and then just hoping people book you because you did that. Okay, A really common example is Facebook and social media. The first thing people tell me when I get on a video chat with them, and I asked them what they're doing for marketing right now is they say, Well, I've been posting on Facebook. I've been making sure you do it three times a week or I've been doing stories on Instagram or I have a website or Iran a sale on Facebook. Okay, you guys, all of that is passive. Okay. Posting on Facebook and social media is not going to get you high end clients. In fact, it probably won't get you many clients at all because it is so saturated with photographers. If you want to find those clients, you need to go to them more directly. Another passive marketing method can be flyers or direct mail. Sending out a blanket flyer to a bunch of different people. It's probably not going to get your client's magazine ads. Same thing. Probably not gonna get your client's newspaper ads an ad people ignore, adds guys. They like stories, but they ignore ads, so that is very passive. Your website is passive. It's just there. It doesn't make people book you. It doesn't. They have to go out and search for it. Okay, Another thing is leaving business cards. People have so many business cards, mostly only one look at him anymore. They'll take a business card. They'll never look at it again. Leaving your business cards some somewhere is you're just hoping the right person is going to pick it up and hoping they'll remember. It's in their wallet, hoping they'll call you before they throw it away or it gets lost. Okay, blogging and S ee Oh, those are the same thing. You're just hoping someone is searching for you. There are a lot of other passive marketing, a method that people use, but I just wanted to list these few. They're the most obvious. The number 11 is Facebook and social media. And that's not marketing you guys. That is passive. Okay, passive marketing is usually bad because it puts the customer in charge of hiring you. It's the puts them in control. Okay? It means that they they have to actively go out and want your service is okay. Now. Everybody has to in your service is don't get me wrong. But when you are passively marketing, you are not going directly to those clients. You're putting a blanket note out there because you're like, I don't care who books me. I just want some money. I just want some clients. This is why it's really hard to charge $100.300 dollars, $500? Because you're one of hundreds of photographers. Thousands, millions. If you go all over the world, really, I swear, there's gotta be millions of you charging $100 a session. But when you are charging low prices, you don't care who you get. You just want to get paid. Okay, Um, but when you're actively marketing, it is at least 10 times more effective, even if it takes a little bit more work. You guys. So, yes, active marketing requires you do some things that maybe you aren't comfortable doing, but they work and they get you big paychecks if you're properly aligned. So you need to remember that those passive ideas that I put there they're not going to get you the clients that you want when you practice active marketing in your business, I am talking about things like high end networking in not a group that is awful full of MLM Mom's kay. That doesn't help you. OK, they're not gonna hire you high and networking. You're in a group with other business owners. That's what I'm talking about business partnerships with those people. Usually you meet them through networking. You may meet them other ways to NETWORKINGS and easy way to do it. But business partnerships are active marketing. You use each other beneficially to market your products. Okay, or your service is silent. Auctions are my favorite way to actively market, and I use that in in collaboration with the nonprofit partnerships that run those silent auctions. This is a huge thing that I teach. In my course, it's the most effective. It's the one I spend most of my time doing, although these all work really well. There's no way I can go into detail on all of these. But these are all really great things that you can do and you can work on in this time where you don't have clients or you can't see clients so you can't have clients in for consultations. I don't even want a market to clients right now. I don't want to say Come have me take your pictures while you're stuck in quarantine because that's the first thing on your mind? No. People are thinking about survival right now, okay? They're not thinking about getting their family pictures taken. Okay? But we can spend this time getting prepared. These are things always active marketing. Things are things you can work on behind the scenes. Now, I will give you a little bit of a warning with active marketing. If you're not aligned as high end and you're not charging high end prices, these aren't gonna work. Okay? These these methods Onley work if you're a serious business owner, okay? They're not for people who do this is a side business or not. For people who are charging $100 a session, they just won't come across. Right. And if you're not aligned as high end all the way through again, they're not gonna work. So when I'm talking about things like partner giveaways, you have to be aligned. It's high end to make this this function for you and actually get your clients and not just mean you're giving away stuff because you have to. I mean, when I give away something in a silent auction, I'm giving them something that is worth over $1000 okay, Yet they still come and they spend more. So it's not about giving away. Your service is for free. None of this is every time I give away something to a business, I am always getting lots more back in return while our gift certificates those air active. They're giving people something to purchase. You're not just giving them a session, OK? Event hosting. So I'm not talking about being the photographer in an event that's awful. Doesn't ever help you get clients you're seeing is the hired help. Okay, If you want to go to an event like a gala, buy a ticket and go and meet people who are high end, they will see you as their equal. They will see you as the expert. The goal here is not to be seen as the help. The goal is to be seen as the expert. I've function with the mentality of free or full price. If I do something for free, say I do go out and photographing event, I have a few that I still photograph. I will charge them full price. OK. However, I will give them that receipt and I will say paid by me. That's a secret that I teach in the course. Guys, I have never taught that outside of the course. But if you want them to feel super grateful for you, that is how you do it. So don't charge 100 bucks to go do an event. Either do things for free or full price. That is how I operate a super high end. If I'm doing it for free, they're still going to see a receipt. Okay, they're going to know that what I gave them was worth $10,000. Okay, so part of active marketing is really developing those client relationships. And when you are just a shooting burn photographer, you don't have the time to develop those relationships. You're not sitting down for a consultation. So again, this won't work. If you're not aligning yourself as high end, partnering up with venues is a super great way to be really active in your marketing. Getting those relationships with those venues will cause them to refer to you, and you will get the best clients, especially if you choose the right venues. Another thing and that is super awesome or press releases again. These work in a very specific way In the course, I go into these in great detail. There's more than this even. But there's a specific way to do this. That is high end and doesn't have you screaming Book me, Book me when you are saying, book me, book me, I'm on sale. All those kind of things. Those are not high end, okay? People don't They're so used to that. Okay, I don't offer discounts. Gay. This is really important. As high end service is, my prices are what they are. I'm worth every penny, and I'm not gonna charge you less just because I wanted to more clients this month. Okay. Another really active marketing method is email marketing and sending out email updates. Now, this one can work for lower end. It's probably the only exception in this list that works well to get you clients in the door. But you're still going to burn out. You're not gonna want to photograph. You can't. I mean, I did I did 30 clients in a single month and I made $3000 it was just awful. And I wanted to die, and I wanted to quit and it was just horrible. So if you could do that, make that same amount Money for one client, very a lot better off the number. One thing I want to tell you guys with this quick little video is again Social Media posting is not marketing. Those post will not get you high end clients and you'll be competing against all the other noise that is out there. If you come to me in your video chat and I ask you what marketing you're doing and you say social media posting, I'm gonna be like Well, okay, that's great. You want to keep up your social platforms even though I know photographers who don't even have one and are doing amazing, it's more social, prefer me so that when they do find me through some of my active marketing, they can look through my social media and go Oh, yeah, people really do like her. Oh, yeah, she's really active. She's posting all the time. Okay, that's the only reason I post on social media for my Facebook for my photography Facebook page. Okay, I quit instagram quite a long time ago. I probably think I still have my photography page out there, but it wasn't getting me clients, so I don't actively post on there. Okay. Find the things that get you clients and focus on them. Stop focusing on the things that are not getting clients in the door and make plans. Okay? Active marketing allows you to take your marketing efforts on Lee to the people who you want to hire you. This is super important. And this is why people who are willing to spend $3000 or more on pictures they contact me all the time. Okay, Because I'm spending my time marketing right where they are. I'm going directly to them. I'm not going to the people who can't afford me. Okay? I'm not saying Oh, sorry. Yeah. You want to spend $100? No, I'm 3000. Okay, I'm not doing that. I'm hiring or I'm I'm marketing to those people who want to hire me who want to spend that kind of money who want to pay 3 to $5000 for Wall art and an album. Okay? They want that high end service and that experience that I have to offer active marketing can take that up a notch and it takes it straight to them. You will not have success as you come out of this. If you're gonna passively market and continue things the way that you have been, you have to get some plans in place. Okay, so I just wanted to stop by in the group today. I just My my bedroom is a mess. So this is why this is not a live video, but these slides should help you guys a ton. I hope you guys are safe. I hope you're healthy. And I I hope that this can help you guys see the difference between what I say when I say passive marketing. What I mean and I want you guys to all have an active marketing plan coming up. So if you need help with this post in the group, there's only so much I can do right now in the group. But I will do my best to help you or direct you to resource is that I have that can help you more. One less little tidbit. I have three more slots left for the next couple weeks for a one on one chat session with me. So If any of you are looking for some help, you want to know how to get through this. I have 30 some 30 minutes, lots that I have opened up. I have three left. Go to my website. There's a link on this Facebook page or on the website shepherded life dot com. You can click on work with me and it will tell you how you apply to get one of those sessions. So I have just a few more. I opened up extras for you guys. Like I said yesterday, just because I know that so many of you are completely overwhelmed right now you're losing your income and it's really scary. So anyway, I hope you guys have a great day. I hope you're not going to crazy like I am inside my house and I'll talk to you.