Happy Spider Brain Episode 8 

I'm Camille Lindquist, and this is Happy Spider Range, the podcast for business owners who are serious about working less and becoming insanely profitable through the power of unlimited thinking. I'm Camille Lindquist, and this is happy Spider Brain. Episode number eight Excuses will ruin your life. Hey, guys, I am sitting here in my Star Wars T shirt on a blustery March day in Idaho, wishing that I was somewhere warm. How about you? Is it warm where you live? I love to hear from you guys. I love to hear what you're up to in your business and where you live. You can always shoot me an email about anything that's on your mind at Camille at Upper did life dot com, and I'll get back to you myself personally. Speaking of warm places, my little family and I are prepping for something totally exciting this summer. We're on our way to Mexico for the entire month of July. We'll be living the beach life and the archaeological adventure life in the Yucatan region for 30 full days, and I am so freaking excited. Be prepared for some epic photo sessions being posted because despite my mom begging me not to take my nice camera. I can not pass up beach and jungle sessions with my girls. I might be been investing a GoPro because seeing them scream as they see like a torrential A or a snake or go scuba diving. It's gonna be quite amazing. This is literally a dream come true for me. I've always dreamed of travel adventures with my kids and thanks to my photography business running so smoothly, we can actually make this happen. I want to know what your big dreams are. If you had a photography business that brought in six figures a year, what would you do? It's usually pretty easy to come up with the dream life scenario, what you really want, but getting there. That part is not so easy on the number one thing that stops every single person in the world from getting out there and living their dream. Life is excuses, so sometimes I get a student who, no matter what I suggest to them, cannot progress. This is tricky for me as a coach. I know it's not very fun for them either, but it's it's really hard as a coach because I truly believe in what I'm teaching them, and I believe that everyone can see success. But sometimes I get a student who just cannot progress, and they all have one thing in common. There's a certain point as a student where you need to take responsibility for your progress. I can't do the work for you, and you can't build your business for you. I mean, I can, but I will charge you for it. My service is for building your business from scratch by myself would be about $20,000. So obviously I haven't had anybody hire me for that, cause that's ridiculous. You can do this stuff on your own. I had one student a little while ago who had some really hard life circumstances. Now, whether or not they were created by her, those circumstances that's a told a totally different story. But she had hard circumstances. Okay? I really believed, though, while working with her, that if she could just learn to change her thoughts and learn to spider brain around those circumstances that her business could totally explode. She was really skilled at her work and really passionate about her photography, but she still did not see success. And I'm I know you're probably like, Well, why? Here's why every single time I tried to help her find a solution to a problem. She gave me a reason why it wouldn't work. And it's not that those reasons aren't valid reasons, and excuses can be valid. But it's that she completely dismissed any possibility of getting out of her circumstance. Every one of her excuses that she gave me were never her fault. They were never they never had anything to do with her choices. They were never her fault. The 1st 1 I can't talk to my clients because I don't have good English. Um, she didn't It wasn't her first language, so she was worried about that. My name looks to cheap people. Think I'm not high end another one. I can't buy every single thing I need to run this business right now, which, by the way, if you've gotten very far in the course, you know that I don't recommend buying everything right now. There are lots of things that I use now to run my studio that make my life easier, But I had not. I had hardly any of them. Maybe. I think I had an album when I first started, and I still had these great sales. You don't need all the things. They just make it a little easier, a little less stressful. But you need to save up for him. Don't go into debt for your business. I'm really big believer in that. Another thought that this student had And by the way, these thoughts or not, even just this student, they're not unique to her. She was an extreme case. But I hear these exact same things over and over and over from clients, from students like you. Another one was I don't have a studio. I could never afford that. I might already said that. Um, Another one is I can't bring clients to my house because it's never clean. Another excuse was, I'm so poor my clients will never respect me as high end. Are you seeing how these air, all thoughts, they're not actually true? Fax these air, not circumstances. Okay, these are thoughts. Um, another one is this client was rude to me. All clients are rude to me. That's extreme. Okay, that's taking us a small thought and making it bigger and worse by your thoughts. Another one of her thoughts was I tried one marketing method and it didn't work, so I'm stuck. Another thought she had was I failed at this marketing method. No, I didn't do it all the way, But I know it wasn't going to work, So I quit. Another thought that this is a very common one is I have kids, so I have no time. Okay, most of us have kids, so that's definitely a circumstance. The first part. I have kids. That's a circumstance. The second half of that, though I have no time is a thought. Okay, that's relative. That's an opinion. Another one was Another thought from this client was from the student was my client, who I charged $300 said I was too expensive, so I can't charge more than that. Another thought she had was my client's husband was so grumpy and the pictures are awful, so I'll never have a sale. Another thought she had was the rich area is an hour away, and my clients will never drive to me. So I had answers and solutions for every single one of her thoughts But she always came right back with a reason why that one at work, and in the end she quit the course. She quit my mentoring and to date is still making $300 a session. She never tried more than two of the marketing methods because her head got in her way. Now your brain, your brain is really interesting. It wants to protect you. It wants things to be easy, and it wants you to be safe. Failure is really hard for our brain to understand, because when we fail, our brain says Run. That's how it protects us. Good. But failure is part of running a business. It's the only way to find out what doesn't work. Are you struggling with excuses in your business? Are those excuses putting you in a state of spinning if you haven't heard me talk about spinning before? So in the area of a photography business, the purpose of systems is toe limit spinning. Okay, so spinning some examples of it is when you get an email inquiry and you spend 30 minutes rewriting your response, hoping this one will finally book you. Now if you've made it through the systems month in the course, you know that I have a solution for that. We create systems. You have ah, drafted response. So it doesn't take you 30 minutes to rewrite that. You don't have that stress. You're not spinning over that. Answer, Kay. Spinning is when you order different products from a different lab every time you get an order because you just can't make up your mind, you're overthinking it. Spinning is what it looks like when every session you ed, it looks a bit different from the last because you can't decide what editing techniques to use that day. Guy spending is also when you re edit that session that just took you four hours the previous day because you don't know if it's good enough. Spending is stressing about the taxes and legalities every time, every time you make a paycheck, instead of just sitting down and getting it straight from the start, so systems they solve the problem of spinning all that wasted time in your business is time you could spend marketing or time you could spend with your family or doing whatever the heck you want. Spinning is a really great way to get stuck on your excuses, you guys. Spending is also a great way to say you are a chronic over thinker and those of you who are in the course who struggle with this know exactly what I'm talking about and you know who you are. Okay, When you're an over thinker, every step seems to take you so much longer than it should. Instead of a little line on the checklist, it's like it represents weeks of agony for you. So here's the solution. You need to get around your excuses. You need to get around, you're spinning and you're overthinking by taking responsibility. So if you've made it to the system's months, like I said, you've heard me talk about how I'm really disorganized like my brain moves so much faster than my body that I fulfill comedic stereotypes about messy people like every single day of my life. Clothes on the floor, messy bathroom counter wads of paper with rejected ideas that line the ground next to my waste basket. And I have constant streams of ideas that distract me from my actual work that I have my checklist, my own checklist. I still get distracted by all these other ideas ways to help you guys, ways to help my business grow like both of my businesses. It's just it gets in the way of my work. And then I end up being a disorganized person. And when I say the implementing systems is not a natural thing for me, I really mean it. Of all of the six steps in the business course, that's the hardest one for me to get right because it takes a lot of willpower. And there's something I've realized about willpower, and that's that once you decide, it's no longer a battle anymore. So as a really extreme example, I decided when I was really young that I would never drink alcohol. Okay, so I've had lots of people ask me about that, and here's my thoughts. Have I needed to revisit that decision over and over when in situations with alcohol and pressure from other people? No, I haven't not even a little bit. And the reason why it's never been a struggle like when I say it's not struggle, I mean literally zero struggle. It doesn't even process in my mind that that would be a question and the reason for that is because I made that decision. It was non negotiable in my mind. So I didn't have to make that choice again and again and again. Okay, this is a really extreme example, as I said before, but the same could be true for doing something that feels unnatural to you. So if you think you're too much of a free spirit, a creative or an artsy personality to make this happen, you're wrong because you guys can all implement systems in your life to improve it when you let excuses rule your life when you let them be stumbling blocks to massive achievement. It's kind of like you're giving up on yourself now that you understand just how detrimental your excuses are. I want to teach you how to smash those excuses to smithereens, But we're out of time today. So stay tuned for next week's follow up episode where I'm going to show you 13 ways to get through those excuses and finally find success and live your dream chat with you next week.