Happy Spider Brain Episode 1: 

I'm Camille Lindquist, and this is happy Spider Bridge, the podcast for business owners who are serious about working less and becoming insanely profitable through the power of unlimited thinking. Hello, everyone. I'm Camille and you are listening to the very first episode of Happy Spider Bring. I am so excited that you're here, and I am really excited about the potential that this podcast has to help you and your small business. Or even if you don't have a business. I hope that this will still help you learn how to use your brain to better your life. So I'm gonna explain the reason for the podcast title in a minute. But I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about me before I get started. So you know why you should even listen to me. So seven years ago, I was the broke mother of three very young kids trying to keep ahead of bills while my husband worked as a teacher. So I bought a $500 camera and began to offer photography. And at that point I only charged about 50 to $100 a session. So it gave me like a little buffer zone and kept us out of debt, which allowed us to survive but never really thrive. I wanted to be able to put my kids in ballet lessons, soccer lessons or soccer teams, I guess, and even just like by a week of groceries, without feeling nervous that I'd spent too much and we were going to run out of money. So 1 October, I photographed 30 families, and they each paid me $100. So in that month, I doubled our income more than doubled it with that $3000 that I earned. But I was never home. I barely got to spend any time with my beautiful family, which they were the whole reason I was doing this. So I began to research, and I realized that where there were lots of other photographers out there who made far, far more money than me, and their images were the same quality. So I wondered what made me different from them, and at first I thought it was my location. But then I found out photographers and even smaller towns than Idaho, my little town in Idaho. They were doing it, too, and I learned that by cheapening my art and my business and charging only $100. I over was overworking myself and heading for a major burnout. So that's when I realized that I could do it, too. But I knew that simply raising my session fees to $500 wasn't going to do it. I tried that. And even though my work was really good, um, simply adding on a few $100 didn't change my income. I had a lot less bookings when I was $500 than I did when I was 100 so I took a break over a really cold winter. We actually called that winter the Snowmageddon here in Idaho, Um, because we just got so much snow. In fact, we had so much snow that we were trapped in our subdivision for a whole week. No school, nothing. Our minivan. We tried to get out, we couldn't get out, and they didn't have snow plows coming in our subdivision. We just kept getting skipped. So when I say we were stuck indoors that winter, we really were, um, usually here in Idaho snows and then, like by the afternoon it's gone. So anyway, very cold winter. I started from scratch and reassessed my entire business top to bottom. It took a lot of effort and a lot of guesswork because I didn't really know what I was doing. I made a lot of expensive mistakes, and I spent a lot of wasted hours learning the wrong methods, only to have to go back and change one week at Christmas time. Actually, I added up the hours I'd spent and realized I had worked over 80 hours that week, and more than half of them ended up being on a dead end because I just didn't know what steps to take. But I also learned how to do a lot of business. See things that I hadn't known before because I had just wanted to take pictures. I learned that it was absolutely possible to a line from the top to the bottom and position myself as a high end artist. Many of my friends, who I spoke to were really worried about my new system. They worried I was killing my business forever, and they said no one will pay that for pictures, they said. It's a digital age. People just want Digital's and I pushed through, and four months later I booked my first client in my updated business. I was really nervous during the whole ordering appointment, but they walked out of my home after having spent just under $4000 on one item a few months earlier, I had made $3000 photographing 30 families. I immediately decided that I would rather photograph one client instead of 30. From that point on, my entire life has changed. Within one year I'd go. I went on to make a massive amount of money while working only 5 10 hours a week. I could take four clients a month or I could take on 10. It was totally up to me because my high end business lead high end clients right to my door. I can put client through my photography system in about five hours from the inquiry to the delivery, and that's about how many hours I spent on each client. They pay me an average of 3000 to 5000. My art also changed. I learned how to create the images that were simple, classic and still magical. After implementing these systems, I was not only to put away a huge amount of money into are always empty savings account. But I was able to travel with my family and have a lot more freedom. I also had the freedom and the time to start uprooted life, an online business where I teach other photographers to generate the same style of success. And to date, I have over 300 students who are learning these methods that I perfected. My goal for this podcast is to create a place where small businesses of any kind, not just photographers, even though that's where my expertise lies. Thes tools can translate to all types of small businesses. My goal is to chat about the logistics, the methods and the mindset shifts, which are the most important that will help you grow your business, whether it's a photography studio like mine or something different. A few of the types of businesses that these tips will translate over well, too, are things like a lash studio, hair dressers, massage therapist, a boutique restaurant, realtors, handyman, carpet cleaner, woodworker, sewing or alterations specialist, a local Web developer, personal trainer, dietitian, counselor, translator, landscape designer, interior designer, landscaper, car detailing specialist, home inspector housecleaner, personal chef, property manager, makeup artists, tour guide, tutor, clothing, boutique owner, event planner, specialty food store owner, food truck owner, caterer, gym owner, daycare owner, coffee shop owner, moving company, dog groomer, trainer, pet sitter, cake decorator, bakery owner, clowns, service craft beer, pub, garden centre, gift basket designer, golf coach, ice cream shop, jewelry designer, craft art teacher. You could be a music teacher, dance teacher, mobile deejay, outdoor adventure facility, bookstore owner, wine bar, bicycle repair, cooking class instructor, custom embroidery, Aaron service, gutter cleaner, Christmas lights, service house painter, electrician's plumber, bicycle rental shop, bookkeeper, accountant, homebuilder, caterer, image consultant, smartphone repair air charter service, apartment owner, auto parts rebuilder banquet facility, carwash damage restoration specialist, day spa, home health care, hospice fence insulation service. Every single one of these businesses could benefit from a high end brands. Learn howto work less and earn more. That's what we all want. The term happy spider brain is one that I've tossed around for quite a while now. I throw this term around in daily conversation, and usually people are like huh? What? What are you talking about? Spider brain. In fact, if you're in my photography course it uprooted life. I teach a whole section about it. It's actually a term I made up. So I'm going to dedicate the next podcast explaining this life changing method to you because it's the number one thing I attribute to all my success. So a lot of you might be wondering why I thought I'm so focused on having, ah, high end business. There's nothing wrong with having a business that isn't high end. And a lot of businesses you may feel, are more more inclined to be high end. They just gravitate that way. Doing a portrait studio is high end is kind of a natural move, because portraiture has traditionally been, ah, high end business up until the last 10 15 years, where it became oversaturated with $100 photographers. Um, but really, I believe that all businesses, especially all the ones that I listed I know that was a huge list. If your business was in their awesome. If fears is close to that and you still think it would work, I totally believe you. I really, truly believe that every business can have a massive benefit by targeting a high end market. It's not as hard as you think, and the result is that you're going to work less and make more money. If you've reached the point in your business where you are super busy, where you just don't have enough hours to do all the appointments are all the things in your business where you are overworking yourself. That means you have reached the point where you need to raise your prices. Most businesses who are successful reached that point and open themselves up to more money by raising their prices or targeting a different market. It depends on where you live on how high that market Congar. Oh, but as far as my photography business, having a $3000 average in the Boise, Idaho, area is a pretty big deal. It's not a big town. Um, I mean, I guess it's a city technically, but we we don't have a lot of people. We've recently had some new people move in, and that's opened up a bit more of a market for me, which I love. It makes my job a little easier, but when I was living out in Nampa towards Melbourne, if any of you are familiar with the Idaho, Um, I guess map, you would know that those air small, rural towns with a really low income like the average income is really low. The average person cannot afford me, but for any business, if you are planning to be high end, what you need to remember is the average person is not who you're looking for. You don't need all the clients, especially once you raise your prices. You realize you don't need as many clients as you used to think you did. You just need the right clients. The people who are willing to invest in what you have to offer and when you can run your business is high end. You know the sky's the limit, guys. You can create any type of experience for your client that you want, and you can charge for it. So I hope that as you come into this podcast and you start to listen to me and learn from the things I have to share, that you'll keep a few things in mind. The first thing is that these are my opinions, so someone else may teach something different, especially about photography. I have different opinions than a lot of photographers, a lot of famous photographers. But these are my opinions. Thes, or what I have found has worked, and I feel it's valuable to teach people. Um, the other thing you need to keep in mind is that it does take work. You can't just raise your prices and expect the market to follow. I'm going to teach you about that and what steps you need to take in order to make your high end prices match your high end business. But you have to keep in mind that if you don't do the work, it's not gonna happen for you. The last thing I want you to keep in mind that I'll talk a little bit more about in the next podcast is that when you learn the power of unlimited thinking like I teach with my spider brain method, you can overcome any excuse. So if you're sitting there thinking, I I just don't think my business could be high end, I don't think I am made for high end. You're wrong. Your business can be whatever you choose for your business to be. If you have reasons that are blocking you if you have roadblocks. If you have excuses, all you have to learn how to do is to think your way around them and your business will change and your life will find success at your. Your entire life will change once you learn how to think your way around everything. Toe, learn the power of unlimited ideas. The sky is the limit, You guys, you could make a much money and be a successful as you want to. It's all up to you. It's all in your hands. So hopefully this podcast is going to be a place where you can come to get inspiration like that, too, to see how to work around your roadblocks. So I hope you'll tune in next week when I'll teach you all about it. So if you're a photographer, you can find out more about my courses at uprooted life dot com. If you want some hand holding, you can apply for a complimentary strategy session and see if I'm a good fit as a photography or business coach for you, for the rest of you who are running another type of amazing business, if you're interested in Working With me is a business coach. You can reach out to me at Camille at uprooted life dot com, and we can set up a time to chat. Thanks so much for listening to happy Spider Brain, and I hope you have a great day!